Boarding of our consultant as and when needed, flexible and structured approach when it’s necessary to realize the inventory of fixtures and to built the adapted solution.
Network mode solution to succeed complex project.

Milan consulting can be quickly integrated into your project team, can bring you real-life experiences and advice on major project with continuous improvement approach, and Quality-Safety-Environment best practises. This includes the use of Lean tools and risk management.

After an appropriated phase of discovering for :

  • Taking in the preliminary studies, the stakes and objectives, difficulties encountered, established documentation, …
  • Getting to know existing teams and interested parties
  • Practicing some ‘field’ observations for a  own point of view

Our consultants quickly become actors and put your team in trust.

Milan consulting purpose a methodology with steps. The analyze (diagnostic) promotes searching for progress, identification of potential quick wins, the materialization of risks and opportunities for your company.

The project definition (or solution) is built with internal team to facilitate their engagement and to establish an optimized deployment program (steps to follow).

The last step ensures that knowledge transfers are made and that the internal teams can sustainably sustain and further develop the results.

Milan consulting can be quickly integrated into a pool of consultants involved in a network of advanced skills. The goal is to respond to a global project, involving several functions of the company, sometimes taking place in several geographical locations, in a multicultural environment… Each consultant brings his usefull experiences and advises to the success of the target project   (program).

After an appropriated phase of discovering, our consultants take care of the tasks assigned to them.

Our methodology is flexible, embedding in the field and results oriented

To assess results, to maintain it sustainably

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Consolidation to sustainably sustain
  • Identification of new action tracks

To lead workshops, to train, to coach internal actors

  • Implementation, tests, adjustment
  • Animation, realization of ‘floor’ workshops
  • Assessment of results, adjustment, training
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators

For determining, fixing :

  • Level of performance
  • Progress tracks, wastes
  • Precise elements (with small studies , observations)
  • Benefits and related issues
  • Risks and Opportunities

For defining, building the solution

  • «  what needs to be done »
  • Sharing and co-construction with the top management
  • Planning, implementation risks assessment
  • Boarding teams in the action