Supply Chain Management optimization,
Development of customer satisfaction,
Supports partners of the logistics chain.

  • Assessment of the level of performance
  • Review, implementation of performance indicators
  • Assessment of effectiveness of the policy : MTS, MTO, DTO, smoothing, of orders, …
  • Implementation of workshops for reducing stocks, for improving ERP software setups, …
  • Implementation of 5S (workshop, maintenance audit of 5S standard, training, …) and visual management
  • Process optimization of handling unforeseen events
  • Improvement of industrial and commercial plan process, production master plan process
  • Training of tools (5S, VSM, problem solving, master plan, Heijunka, …)
  • Coaching of middle management : leading toolbox talking dedicated to logistics services, handling team, warehouse team and heavy goods drivers
  • Putting in place methods aimed at better management of organizational knowledge
  • Stakeholder consolidation (lead time, time to delivery, cost, …)
  • Implementation of VSM – VSD (Value Stream Mapping-Design)
  • Assessment, reorganization of physical flows
  • Optimization of finished goods stock levels
  • Building of action plan and planning for line transfer or relocation
  • Operations supports during the project
  • Assessment of quality of provided services
  • Help or support for implementing customer requirement or drawing up specifications in case of shared management of supplies
  • Development of end-to-end traceability
  • Better using of TMS, WMS software
  • Search of best efficiency into supplies management CPFR (Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment)
  • Development of a closer collaboration with your suppliers